Darlex Box-Tie Armbinder (Poly Webbing)



This box-tie harness is perfect for those who are looking for the feel of an armbinder, but are more comfortable in the box-tie position than the traditional "elbows together" standard. 

The straps of the armbinder ensure that the "sheath" is held close to the back, making it both comfortable and secure. The listing has an option for either just the single lower chest strap, or both the lower and the upper.

Each harness is custom made for every person, so a measurement sheet will need to be filled out upon purchase. Each box-tie armbinder sheath comes at a standard depth of 10.5 inches.  If you need a different depth, please let us know.

No zipper is necessary on this product. It is simply lifted into place with the arms folded over each other behind the back, and then the straps are secured.

Measurement "A"will need to be provided as well.

*Camlock buckles (shown on shoulder straps) have been swapped out for side release buckles.  This allows for greater adjustability.

For extra padding on straps, see this listing:

Padded Sheaths

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