Straitjacket Leotard (Nylon/Spandex)



This is an amazing turtleneck letoard that has been modified to work as a straitjacket. It is perfect for soft, sensual, and comfortable bondage! Spend the whole day in it! You've never felt so sexy yet comfortable while restrained!

The sleeves have been sewn closed and fitted with a 2" wide side release buckle. The male end buckle is adjustable to increase or decrease tightness.

The leotard has a back zipper for entry. See size descriptions in the last picture.

Pair it with a neoprene hood, found here.

*X-Small and XX-Large not available.
**I recommend ordering one size up from what you would typically wear. The seams of the leotard will be stressed when struggling so it is good to have a little extra room. Also, if you have overly long arms, I recommend going up a size.
*** Hood is not included. This item just has a regular turtleneck leotard collar.
****Do not try to force the zipper up in the back.  It needs to glide up smoothly or it could be forced off the track (again, it is recommended to get a size larger than normal to avoid this).  It helps to pinch the bottom of where the zipper is stitched to pull the zipper up more easily. 


PLEASE NOTE: If you purchase the zipper pull, it will automatically add an additional item to your cart.  This additional item is the zipper pull.  You are not being charged twice for it.  If you delete this item from your cart, you will not receive the pull.

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