Ice Lock for Self Bondage (Triple Loop)



This is a great item to add to your self bondage tool box.  Fill the round tube with water and insert the plastic key.  Place the entire assembly in the freezer until the water has turned to ice inside.  

Attach a set of keys to the round loop portion of the ice lock and suspend it by the diamond shaped part out of reach of questing fingers.   This item comes with three loops, so three sets of keys can be added.  Additionally, the other loops can also be used to pull the lock in a direction by another string.  Once the ice melts, the lock portion with the keys will fall and can then be retrieved.  

Total melt time is usually about 2 hours, though this varies based on the temperature of the room it is in.  We recommend that you do not fill the tube portion completely with water.  When the water freezes, it will expand, and if the tube is too full, it could cause the ice lock to break.

Try filling the tube of the ice lock to different degrees to find what amount works best for you!

**Remember to always practice self bondage with others present**  

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