Darlex "Asylum" Panel Gag (Trainer Style, Silicone Ball)



This fantastic ball gag is truly wonderful to wear. With the soft darlex panel over the top, it is extremely comfortable, but also very effective! As the material is stretched over the lips, the outline of the ball and the lips can be seen, giving it a very nice damsel in distress look - similar to microfoam tape.

The trainer style harness that buckles all over the head will ensure that the gag stays securely in place. The ring at the top also makes for an excellent place to attach a strap to pull the head back.

Balls are made of 100% pure high grade silicone. They are safe, non-toxic, and have no taste. The gag uses a tension lock on a webbing strap instead of traditional leather with a roller buckle. This design is fantastic, because it allows the gag to be pulled exactly as tightly as you would like (instead of having to line up with a certain hole).

Only red balls available.
*All other restraints shown in picture not included - ONLY GAG.

**Darlex is a rubber laminate layer protected between two layers of heavy spandex. It is extremely strong and soft and has an incredible ability to contour to the body.  

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