Locking Neoprene Panel Gag with Hole (Ring Gag, Oral Sex)



This panel gag is very special.  It allows the feel of a ring gag, while still offering the panel covering.  Additionally, the hole in the panel allows for penetration through the gag even with the neoprene covering in place.  The soft neoprene panel over the top makes for a very interesting look.  As the neoprene is stretched over the lips, the outline of the ring and the lips can be seen, giving it a very nice damsel in distress look - similar to microfoam tape.


With the special locking design, you can be sure that your sub is going to be feeling extra helpless!


Rings come in 2 sizes:

1.75" (outside diameter) (1.2" inside diameter)

2.25" (outside diameter) (1.65" inside diameter)

Rings are wrapped in leather for comfort.


*Gag comes with one padlock

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