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Darlex Armbinder Hogtie System (Poly Webbing Straps, Sex Harness)


This armbinder and ankle cuff system is a lot of fun!  If you are looking to tightly hogtie someone for playtime, this is the perfect item for you!  Spread the legs wide to get to all those fun bits (men and women!) or hold them tight together for something a little more strict. 

The strength and softness of darlex makes for an armbinder that is truly magical to experience and the padded neoprene cuffs are soft and comfortable for prolonged wear.


The material tightly binds both arms behind the bottom's back. This item is made to last, using the wonderful darlex material that combines lycra and rubber to form a cocoon that is tight yet lighter than leather.

The sizing is for the size of the elbow opening (the circumference at the top of the armbinder).  Sizing is as follows:

Small: 20"

Medium: 23"

Large: 29"

All armbinders are approximately 19" "deep" (from fingertips to the top of the armbinder opening).

Measurement should be taken around the arms 2" above the elbows held as close together behind the back as close as can be comfortably maintained. Measurements are unstretched, so there will be some additional give (up to 2-3") on your armbinder when you receive it.


Each cuff has a 2.5" wide layer of padding around a 2" strap. The cuffs are soft and comfortable, yet incredibly strong. The velcro is industrial grade and will hold securely against the fiercest of struggles.

Ankle cuffs are made to fit ankles up to 12" around.  If you need larger than that, please contact me.

For extra padding on straps, see this listing:

Padded Sheaths

For extra straps to restrain individual, see this listing:

Bondage Straps

*Hood is not part of system


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