Darlex Blindfold (Tie Style)



This is a simple and comfortable blindfold that will give you hours of fun in the bedroom.  Darlex is an amazing and sexy feeling material that will closely hug the contours of the face and feels so good on the skin.

The ties that hold on the blindfold are also made of darlex and provide for a comfortable experience with no hard buckles at the rear of the head.  Darlex is also easy to untie even if there is a knot in the material.

*Darlex is a three-layer material made up of two layers of spandex bonded together with a layer of synthetic rubber between. This fabric is hypoallergenic, comfortable, and machine washable. Darlex resists wind and water, it is less heat transparent than spandex, but is more heat transparent than canvas or leather, and will not pool sweat like latex.

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