Neoprene or Darlex Panel Gag and Blindfold Combo (Inflatable Butterfly Gag)



This fantastic gag and blindfold combo is truly wonderful to wear. With the soft neoprene or darlex panel over the top, it is extremely comfortable, but also very effective! The butterfly gag is incredible to experience. Because of the "wings" on the sides, the gag fills the mouth to a very extreme degree. Even without the panel over the top of the gag, securing it in place, the gag would still be very difficult to get out of the mouth once inflated. Just a few pumps and you'll have your lover silenced and helpless!

The material provides a comfortable and soft pressure against the face and takes away the wearers freedom in the most erotic way...

The blindfold will hold securely to the face with the tension lock buckles and will be nearly impossible to remove without hands because of how it is fixed in place with the gag portion.

Picture 3: Uninflated
Picture 4: Semi-Inflated
Picture 5: Fully Inflated

Deflated: 2.35 inches in width, 1.5 inches tall and .75 inches thick. Inflated: 2.35 inches in width, 2 inches tall and 1.5 inches thick. Material: Rubber. Color: Black.

NOTE: If you pick the option that says "No Inflatable Gag", you will be receiving the neoprene or darlex panel only. The pump "butterfly" style gag will not be included. This is for individuals who already have this exact style of butterfly gag and would like to use their own. The panel gag that you will receive will have a hole in it that the butterfly gag can be stretched through.

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