Neoprene or Darlex Panel Gag (Trainer Style, Silicone Penis)



This fantastic gag is truly wonderful to wear. With the soft neoprene or darlex panel over the top, it is extremely comfortable, but also very effective! The penis gag is an amazing gagging experience! The penis gag goes much deeper into the mouth than the traditional ball gags. This makes for a much more effective silencing feeling, and leaves the wearer feeling much more vulnerable and helpless.

The trainer style harness that buckles around the head will ensure that the gag stays securely in place. The ring at the top also makes for an excellent place to attach a strap to pull the head back.

The material provides a comfortable and soft pressure against the face and takes away the wearers freedom in the most erotic way...

Diameter 1 3/4" (4.4 cm"), Length 2 3/8" (6 cm").

Gags are made of a non-toxic, totally safe, 100% pure silicone. Our silicone has completely neutral taste and smell.

*Top D-ring option provides an anchor point for pulling the head back.  Please note that if this is used in a hogtie, it can sometimes cause the top vertical strap to slip to one side.  To avoid this, we recommend pulling the gag as tight as possible.

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Perfect for adjustability.

The slip-style adjustment really does make for a much better means of cinching down the headpiece than traditional buckles, which I find especially infuriating in a gagb or muzzle due to the way the skull won't flex or bend like a pair of crossed arms or the meat of a thigh. I particularly like the invasiveness of the gag tip, while at the same time being extremely comfortable.

If I had my druthers, I'd make the panel just a touch larger, but as it sits right now, this is still my favorite piece of head/face bondage gear.

Helplessly Silenced!

This trainer style gag is comfortable, but can be securely tightened as tight as you like, and by attaching a strap to the ring, the head can be pulled back for a very effective immobilized feeling! Great with the ratcheting hogtie system! Wonderful helpless feeling! Great products!

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