Neoprene Panel Gag (Silicone Ball, Over the Nose Style)



This fantastic ball gag is truly wonderful to wear. With the soft neoprene panel over the top, it is extremely comfortable, but also very effective! As the neoprene is stretched over the lips, the outline of the ball and the lips can be seen, giving it a very nice damsel in distress look - similar to microfoam tape.

Balls are made of 100% pure high grade silicone. They are safe, non-toxic, and have no taste. The gag uses a tension lock on a webbing strap instead of traditional leather with a roller buckle. This design is fantastic, because it allows the gag to be pulled exactly as tightly as you would like (instead of having to line up with a certain hole).

Only red balls available.

Please use safety and common sense while wearing. Because this gag goes over the mouth and the nose, breathing can be made difficult. I recommend determining the approximate location of the the nostrils after initial use and cutting a slit with a razor blade so breathing is not affected.åÊ

Facial coverage will vary between persons - panel is 5.5" high and 10" wide for 1-1/2" to 1-3/4" balls. Panel is 6" high and 10" wide for 2" balls. If you feel this size will not accommodate your face type, please contact me and we can try to adjust the panel to fit your face better.

*Expect 1-2 weeks processing time.

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