Armbinder (Wrap Style, Poly Webbing)



This armbinder is very unique.  It is essentially one strap that criss crosses the arms to form an armbinder.  The webbing "locks" in three places - at the elbows, the forearms, and the wrists.  What makes this armbinder so great is that it can be tightened top down, ensuring that the elbows get compressed as closely together as possible.  

The armbinder starts by draping over the back of the neck, crossing underneath the arms behind the back, and then going around the elbows.  At this point, the first tension lock buckles go in place.  Then the webbing crosses back underneath the forearms and back to the rear again.  At each point that the webbing "locks" in place, it can be retightened after the harness is in place.  

You may have found, when using rope, that it can be hard to get the elbows to come fully together until the whole elbow and wrist assembly is in place.  This armbinder solves that problem.  If you find that the elbow strap is not tight enough once the whole armbinder is in place, it is a simple matter to tighten up that area.  Then the whole harness can be tightened as well.

This poly webbing harness is designed with adjustable straps to fit just about any size. The harness comes with (3) of the tension lock buckle sets and 25 feet of webbing.  If you feel that you need more webbing than that, please let me know and we will try to accommodate you.

The webbing itself is one inch wide and has a breaking point of 600 pounds, so it is extremely secure yet comfortable to wear.

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Good price!

Considering its basically a full armbinder, I'm pretty happy with this thing - and you can't beat the price!

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