Darlex Hobble Skirt (28" length)


If you have experienced the feeling of the darlex material, you may very well have said to yourself 'I wish I had a skirt made of this...'  Well now you can!! 

These skirts are sexy and amazing how they cling to the body.  The material tightly contours to the body and holds tightly enough to give that amazing hobbled feeling.  The darlex material is unique in that it allows for a straight cut of the fabric, which means it does not need a hem.  This allows for a skirt to be made that is perfectly flat and smooth against the body for that ultra sleek look.  There is also only one seam at the rear of the skirt which provides the ultimate minimalist look.

Get one today and see for yourself!

*You will need to provide measurements in inches for the three points of the skirt (A, B, and C).  (See the measure sheet - last picture).

A is at the very top of the skirt at the waist.

B is 10" below the top of the skirt.

C is all the way at the bottom of the skirt.

Please provide circumference at these points in the text fields when you purchase.

*Please note, the absolute largest circumference available for this item is 58".  The skirt cannot be larger than that at any point.


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