Elbow Trainer (Darlex)



We've all looked around and seen these incredible models who are somehow able to get their elbows to touch behind their backs with relative ease.  How do they do it?!  The answer is probably hours of being tied up, yoga, and all sorts of other flexibility training.  Well this item is a great way to avoid all of that!  Take ten minutes out of every day for two weeks and use this item, and you will see a noticeable increase in your shoulder flexibility!

This item is made of the incredible darlex material which is soft yet amazingly strong.  The unique material allows for some stretch in the fabric, and when coupled with the adjustability of the lacing, this item is very effective at pulling the arms tightly together.  The trainer can be placed below the elbow joint if desired.  This is extremely useful as it can avoid the nerves in the bicep region that often cause pain, pressure, and numbness.

Please note that this item is not meant to be used as a restraint on its own.  Without any additional straps, the wearer will be able to slip out of it.

Darlex has approximately 30% stretch (e.g. 10" can stretch to 13") - please take that into consideration when choosing your size.  The size you select is the unstretched width of the darlex sheath (circumference that goes around the arm).  The darlex sheath has 8 grommets and comes with black lacing only.  All trainers are 8" high.

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