Hip Harness (Poly Webbing)



This nylon webbing harness is designed with adjustable straps to fit just about any size. If a single model fit is desired, the straps can be trimmed easily as is shown here. 

The webbing itself is one inch wide and has a breaking point of 600 pounds, so it is extremely secure yet comfortable to wear.

The straps are attached to two 2" metal rings at the front and the back. The straps are stitched strongly in place and are adjustable for optimum tightness. The front straps wrap around the thighs and carry the majority of the weight of the body. The front ring can be used for partial suspension, though it should be done with great care.  

*Never place any straps around neck and never engage in bondage alone.

For extra padding on straps, see this listing:

Padded Sheaths

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