Infinity Blindfold (Darlex)



The Infinity Blindfold by Bondage Webbing is a perfect addition to any bondage toy box.  If you are looking for a comfortable way to take away your partner's (or your own) powers of sight, look no further.  This blindfold is as comfortable and secure as it gets.  The stretchy darlex material encircling the head makes for a very comfortable and smooth feel, even if you are lying on a hard surface.  There is no strap or buckle on this item.  There is a single seam at the back of the blindfold, and it just relies on the stretch of the material to hold tight on the head. 

Head Circumference Sizing:

X-Small: 18" - 20"

Small: 20" - 22" 

Medium: 22" - 24" 

Large: 24" - 26"

Note: The actual sizing of the blindfold loop will be smaller than the size range shown above, to account for the stretch of the material.  This will ensure a snug fit.

*Darlex is a rubber laminate layer protected between two layers of heavy spandex. It is extremely strong and soft and has an incredible ability to contour to the body.

The model in this photo is the incredible Calisa Bliss!

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