Neoprene Padded Partial Suspension Cuffs with D-ring



These are great cuffs when you're looking to get your sub's hands out of the way for some playtime!  The cuffs are not stitched directly together, so there is some room for wiggle and struggle.  They are joined by the 1" strap in between them, which contains a d-ring that allows for the arms to be secured however you see fit.

The polypro webbing itself is two inches wide and has a breaking point of 1000 pounds, so it is extremely secure yet comfortable to wear.  The cuffs are padded with a 2.5" layer of 3mm neoprene padding stitched into the webbing to provide extra cushion for comfort.

*Cuffs are made to fit wrists up to 9" in circumference.  If you need something larger than that, please let us know and we can accommodate.

**It is not recommended that these cuffs be used for full suspension, as the wrists are held in place with velcro (albeit industrial grade).

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