Neoprene Padding Sheaths for Webbing Straps



Soft neoprene padding that can be slid over nylon webbing straps. This can make the strap more comfortable and allow it to be pulled tighter if so desired. Simply remove buckles from the strap and slide the neoprene sheath over the strap. The neoprene sheaths can be cut to the desired length using a pair of scissors (i.e. if you buy a foot long piece and need a 2 six inch sections, you can cut the piece into those 2 sections).

This padding can be especially effective on a shoulder strap, wrist strap, or elbow strap.

The 1" options are for sheaths that will fit a 1" wide strap. The 2" options are for sheaths that fit a 2" wide strap.

*Sheaths come in 12” lengths. 

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