Velcro Strap with Rectangular Ring



These straps are made of 2" webbing and close with a 4" long strip of overlapping industrial grade velcro (straps under 24" will have a 3" long strip).  They are extremely secure.  The reason that these straps are so great is because they use the rectangular ring at the center to provide a fulcrum for the webbing.  This allows for the webbing to be pulled very tight, because the fulcrum enables doubling the force that is put on the strap.

How to size:  The straps are capable of sizing down to approximately half their overall length.  For example, a 72" strap will be able to secure a diameter between 68" and 40".  A 48" strap would be from 44" to 28".

The polypro webbing itself is two inches wide and has a breaking point of 1000 pounds, so it is extremely secure yet comfortable to wear. 


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