Spandex Sleepsack with Full Body Harness (Poly Webbing Harness)




This incredible combo of sleepsack and full body harness is going to leave you struggling in a stringent yet comfortable paradise!  The sleepsack has a zipper from shins to neck that has three zipper pulls, which allows ideal access to certain "fun parts".

This spandex sleepsack is made from quality 8.2 oz spandex and high strength soft thread. It has internal sleeves that ensure the arms don't move anywhere they aren't supposed to.

To still use the full body harness yet have "access" you may want to simply put the harness on backwards (with the buckles at the front) to ensure that everything is easily within reach : )

*Sleepsack does not have a hood - it is a separate hood in the picture. Hood is not included

**Sleepsacks fit most people between 5'2" and 6'4". There is a lot of stretch in the items that allows for variability.

For extra padding, see this listing:

Padded Sheaths


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