Neck to Wrist Restraint System with Box-Tie (Poly Webbing, Inescapable!)



This harness is perfect if you want to add a little edginess to your play!  The collar buckles securely around the neck and each wrist is secured behind the back to the neck.  The wrists are pulled around either side of the individual to create shoulder straps and then connected at the rear of the neck.  When struggling the sub will feel each tug and pull directly on their neck!  This harness is extremely difficult to escape from, nearly impossible!  Because of the way that the wrists are threaded under each arm, it is impossible to pull them down or away from the body at all!

The collar has a 2.5" wide layer of padding underneath a 2" strap.

 The collar is soft and comfortable, yet incredibly strong. The velcro is industrial grade and will hold securely against the fiercest of struggles.  

*Base price is for harness with wrist restraints that are non-padded.

** Model is wearing a hood. The hood is not included. It should not be confused with the collar, which is a 2.5" padded collar in the same style as the rest of the restraints.

For extra padding see this listing:

Padded Sheaths

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