Ratchet Hogtie Harness System (Poly Webbing)



This listing is comprised of four products integrated together. The first two are the Five-Point Nylon Webbing Bondage Harness and the Box-Tie. The third is the Thigh to Ankle Harness, and the fourth is the Ratchet Attachment. When combined these four components can make for extremely stringent bondage. The Five-Point Harness is attached to the lower leg restraints through the use of a buckle and ratchet system. The ratchet is a standard "come-a-long" style and allows the device to be tightened past the point where a typical hogtie can go. You can see the ratchet is in the "down" position in the first picture, and in the "up" position in the fifth. If the model being bound is flexible enough, the restraint can place them in a very strict "arch". Each click of the ratchet can increase the intensity of the bondage to an impressive degree once all the slack has been removed. What is so great about this style harness however, is the wide straps allow for greater surface area compression and tightness which allows the system to be very tight while remaining comfortable.

This system is shown with the model wearing high heels. The harness actually works well with heels and is designed to force the toes into a pointed position. However, it can also be used without shoes.

This nylon webbing harness is designed with adjustable straps to fit just about any size. If a single model fit is desired, the straps can be trimmed easily as is shown here.

The horizontal straps are two inches wide, while the vertical straps are one inch wide. The one inch straps have a breaking point of 600 lbs., and the two inch straps have a breaking point of 1000 lbs. The extra wide horizontal straps allow the harness to be pulled extremely tight while still keeping it comfortable. 

The straps are stitched strongly in place and are dually adjustable for optimal buckle placement.

For extra padding on straps, see this listing:

Padded Sheaths

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