Thigh to Wrist Straps (Set of 2, Poly Webbing)



These thigh to wrist cuffs are perfect for a little fun play in the bedroom! Restrain your lover and have your way with them!  The cuffs are made with adjustable hardware to achieve the desired secure fit. They are dually adjustable and have an extra triglide in the middle of the strap. This triglide allows for a loop to be created which the wrist can be securely restrained within. Each strap is approximately 54" long but can be easily trimmed down to a perfect fit, as is shown here. If you need a larger size, please contact us and we can make an adjustment.

The webbing itself is one inch wide and has a breaking point of 600 pounds, so it is extremely secure yet comfortable to wear.

This listing is for a set of two thigh to wrist cuffs.

For extra padding on straps, see this listing:

Padded Sheaths

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